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Tools for demolition and site preparation

Soosan heavy industries co., ltd. europe office

No matter what project you have, we have the product that suits your needs.

Choose from a wide variety of hydraulic breakers. Whether you have a monster or a mini excavator, we have the breaker to suit it.

Hydraulic Breakers SB-series

Our new improved SQ-series breakers give you even more power and reliability. The SQ-breakers are more flexible and can be adjusted according to job site requirements.

Tekstvak: Hydraulic Breakers SQ-series

Finish your concrete building demolition sites ahead of schedule with our speedy and strong crushers.

Hydraulic Multi Crushers SMC-series

Make your concrete demolition site more lucrative. Separate concrete and re-bar right at the source: the work site. GET money by supplying concrete free re-bar to your scrap company and SAVE money with move efficient waste concrete transport.

Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizers POSHER-series

If you are an all-round demolition company, you need flexibility in your equipment.
Now you have a concrete demol
ition job, next week a steel structure demolition.
The SUP-series are the solution.

Hydraulic Multi-Processor SUP-series

Loading, sorting, waste handling, light demolition. Our SRG-grabs can do it all.

Hydraulic Demolition Grabs SRG-series

Our crawler rock drill is a fully self propelled equipment. All rock drilling functions can be performed 100% from the cabin.

Rock Drilling Equipment ST-series

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